Saturday, August 1, 2009

Wellness Center Plan

Wellness Center
New Delhi - NCR


A modern and integrative Wellness Center is planned in the National Capital Region of India (Delhi-NCR). That is based on the fact that India is one of the strongest economies with a large population, which has a high disposable income. India also has a large pool of 'Professionals' in Medicine, Alternative Health, Wellness and Fitness areas most of which speak English.

Selection of New Delhi - NCR of India is done, based on the fact that this City has probably the best infrastructure in the Country and a large Middle-Upper class population. With the hosting of 'Commonwealth Games- 2010' City is getting a complete make - over and transformation at par with International Infrastructure benchmarks. Development of Metro Rail, flyovers throughout the City and an all-new International Airport are all indications of this change.

This is going to attract large number of tourists, investors and business professionals to the country, which is so diverse in Cultures, Climates and Geography with a very high GDP growth year after year.


The proposed World Class Wellness Center will cater to the upscale clientele from both within the Delhi – NCR region and outside. Learned population with affordable income who have health, fitness and wellness priorities in life will be able to take advantages of the host of services provided at the center.

Integrative Medicine

Wellness Center will have an Integrative Medical Center, which will have Consultants and treatment facilities in many medical disciplines with a focus on alternative and complementary medicine. Integrative Medical Center will be primarily focused on Chronic and Non – Communicable conditions having no emergency or surgical requirements.

Exclusive Treatment facilities in Naturopathic Medicine and Ayurveda will also be created.

Fitness Center

This component will have Gym, Cardiac Fitness, Yoga/ Mat Pilates Studios, Meditation Hall, Swimming Pool and Personal Training functions. We will have a walking/ Jogging track and a Reflexology track.

We will also run ‘functional fitness’ and ‘weight management’ programs under this center. Fitness Center will be open for in – house guests/ patients and for limited CLUB members. Club Memberships will run on monthly, yearly and lifetime basis.


The Spa will have treatment facilities in different kinds of Massages, Skin and Beauty care facilities with the emphasis on relaxation and rejuvenation of mind, body and spirit. The Spa will use only international standard product lines and will include locally grown fresh herbs for treatments.


Wellness Center will have Restaurant/s and Cafés serving Indian and International cuisines. Chefs and Dieticians will put together a separate menu for healthy eating. They will also plan meals according to the doctor prescribed diet for in-house health seekers.

Eateries will not serve Alcohol.

Consultations and cooking classes will be available with our Chefs and Dieticians on appointment basis.

Wellness – related Retail Areas

This section will have Pharmacy, Health Food Store, Organic Products, Books Stall and Fitness, Yoga related stores.

Seminar/ Workshop

Seminars and Workshops will be regular features of this facility. National and visiting International Experts in Medicine, Holistic Health, Stress Management, Nutrition, Lifestyle Medicine and Spirituality - will host the workshops for professionals and general public.


Data of willing and participating health seekers will be evaluated on regular intervals to improve the delivery system in complementary and alternative medicine (CAM).


50 rooms/ suites of at least 4-star level will be built and maintained for the guests/ patients from India/ abroad who would like to avail residential wellness packages at Wellness Center.


Support Facilities (Common Areas):

• Front Space
Reception/ Lobby
Waiting Area
Book Shop
Fitness Retail Area
Health Food Store/ Herbs Shop
Public Toilets

• Back Space
Staff Area
Storage Space
Engineering/ Maintenance
Staff Kitchen/ Cafeteria
Administrative Area/ Accounting

• Other
Utilities - Telephone Booth, ATM etc
Children’s Play Area and Day Care
Parking Facilities

Fitness and Recreation:
Gym/ Fitness Studio
Yoga/ Pilates/ Aerobics Studios
Meditation Hall
Yogic Kriya/ Shatkarma Section
Tennis/ Shuttle Courts
Wellness Café/ Restaurant
Garden/ Park
Swimming Pool
Reflexology Track
Locker Room (Steam/ Toilets/ Showers)

Integrative Medicine Center:

Consultations in-
Naturopathic Medicine
Treatment facilities -
o Hydrotherapy sections (Male + Female)
o Mud Bath/ Sun Bath Areas (Male + Female)
o Locker Rooms (Male + Female)

Ayurvedic Medicine
Treatment Facilities -
o Ayurvedic Panchakarma (Male + Female)

Homoeopathic Medicine
Unani Medicine
Siddha Medicine
Tibetan Medicine/ Acupuncture
Yoga Therapy
Diet and Lifestyle
General Medicine
Obstetrics & Gynecology

Wellness Education and Research:

Reading Room/ Library
Laboratory and Diagnostics
Seminar Hall
Conference Room
Stress Management

Physiotherapy/ Rehabilitation:

• Assessment Rooms
• Exercise Therapy Hall
• Pool Therapy
• Electrotherapy-
Traction Units
Short Wave Diathermy
Moist Heat
Dry Heat
Infra Red Rays
UV Rays


Massage Rooms
Couples’ Treatment Facility
Wet Treatment Rooms
Vichy Showers
Manicure Stations
Pedicure Stations
Esthetic Rooms
Salon (Male)
Salon (Female)
Steam Room
Hot Tub/ Jacuzzi
Relaxation Area
Locker Rooms (Male/ Female)


➢ Guest Rooms/ Suites (up to 50)
➢ Staff Accommodation (up to 10)